Bushings insulating silicon boots are used to insulate the bushing in switchgear and transformer cable termination boxes up to 17.5 kV specially where the clearance between phase to phase and phase to earth is less then the normal air clearance. These boots provide protection against fleshover in the event of high humidity menace and surge impulse. The boots are made from highly insulating flex-ible and weather resistant elastomeric material.

The anti-tracking silicone possess excellent errosion resistance and dielectric properties, providing super performance in areas of electrical stress and high humidity.

These insulating boots are easy to install. Taping of termination or bushings not required. The boots can be easily removed for convenient access to the bushing connections for testing purpose. After inspec-tion the boots can be reinstalled easily without using any special tools.


  • High performance flexible insulation material.
  • Excellent tracking and erosion resistance
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Advantages

  • Unlimited Shelf Life
  • Install in no time
  • Termination can be energized after installation