Cable Jointing Kits

SGE Heat Shrink Splice Kit offers unwavering quality and adaptability to fulfill the needs of link arrange administrators. We manufacture joints from 1.1 Kv upto 66 Kv. The unit gives a lightweight, minimized, and naturally fixed framework for joining expelled dielectric protected power links. The unit comprises of warmth shrinkable tubing, shaped parts, mastics and different extras for making a total joint.

    Unit Components
  • All the warmth shrinkable parts are provided in an extended state and would contract viably on use of warmth.
  • Hostile to following/Lug Sealing Tubes to meet the outside conditions and execution prerequisites of medium voltage control link end joins. The material opposes to part and has brilliant circular segment opposition. These cylinders are adaptable, complies with shapes/center twists, halogen free, self-smothering and appropriate for both open air and indoor applications.
  • Stress Control Tubes to give electrical pressure reviewing and help on screen intrusions, which maintains a strategic distance from restricted pressure aggregation prompting disappointments. SCT cylinders are produced using uncommonly detailed Polyolefin and give great harmony among electrical and mechanical properties.
  • Carry Sealing Tubes to secure the interface between the graft drag and the link center secured with the non-following cylinder.
  • Hauls to give elite associations.
  • Cleaning Solvent Pouches to clean the XLPE protection surface.
  • Worm Clips to guarantee great electrical association.

Heat Shrinkable Cable Jointing Kit

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Jointing Kits

Shree Ganesh Enterprises

Indoor type End Termination kits

We have situated ourselves as one of the key producers, exporters and providers of 11KV, 22KV, 33KV Heat Shrinkable Indoor Terminations Kits in the market.

Outdoor type End Termination kits

We are one of producers, exporters and providers of 11KV, 22KV, 33KV Heat Shrinkable Outdoor Terminations Kits are impeccable in all perspectives, as structured and fabricated by joining center advancements

Straight through type cable jointing kits

SGE offers ideal Heat Shrinkable Straight Through Joints 11KV, 22KV, 33KV that are appropriate for different XLPE and PVC protected wires with variable voltages.